// A Value pointer is the handle to an underlying comparable value.
// See func Get for how Value pointers may be used.
type Value struct {
	_      [0]func() // prevent people from accidentally using value type as comparable
	cmpVal interface{}
	// resurrected is guarded by mu (for all instances of Value).
	// It is set true whenever v is synthesized from a uintptr.
	resurrected bool
$ clientgofix -h
Usage of clientgofix:
  -custom-clientset string
    	package path of generated client sets that need to be transformed, multiple paths separated by commas, eg: github.com/xx/xxrepo/pkg/clientset/versioned/typed/
    	overwrite files in place (defaults to true; when false, results are written to peer tmp files) (default true)
    	display version information
    	write files even when errors are encountered (defaults to false)
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